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Model building

If you need an architectural model, then you have come to the right place. Minitec is an all-round model building firm, that has a lot of experience in building models on all scales and at all stages within a building project. The company is specialized in making leading presentation models of complicated projects, for example for fairs and contests, but Minitec makes study models and abstract models as well. However, no matter which model Minitec makes, it is always done with the greatest care and passion. If you would like to know more about Minitec and the models it can build, then navigate through this website or call me for an appointment. I would love to advise you about all of the possibilities for your project.

Design work

Most of the time, clients come up with a complete design that is already in the definitive phase of the project and includes detailed specifications of the materials and colors. With this information Minitec is able to make a model that approaches its real counterpart very accurately. However, it sometimes occurs that a customer requests for a model at an early stage of the design, when it is not fully developed yet. It is good to know that this company can also build convincing models with only handmade sketches, due to the architectural background and working experience of its owner. Minitec has even made dioramas for a museum, without any preliminary information, not even a single drawing!

Drawing and milling

To be able to cnc mill or laser-cut components for a model, digital drawings must be simplified. They must be stripped of all unnecessary decoration and finery, and façades have to be split into several layers. Minitec can do this work for other model makers and can on a limited scale also deliver cnc milled parts, for example to people, who would like to make a model of their own house or who want to replace a broken or missing component of an article, that is no longer available on the market. The materials that can be milled are: acrylate XT (1 mm – 6 mm), impact resistant polystyrene or ABS (0.25 mm – 3 mm) and MDF (1 mm – 6 mm). The maximum dimensions of parts are approximately 600 mm x 400 mm.

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