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At this page you will find the most frequently asked questions, that people ask, before they give Minitec the assignment to make a model for them. Sometimes they want to know something about the production process of model building and other times they have questions, concerning the business conditions of Minitec, for instance about payment and delivery. 

Which information does Minitec need to make a quotation?

This question is answered on the Costs page of this website. 

Does the expiry of the validity period of the quotation has any consequences for the prize of the model?

Offers, in which a validity period is mentioned, are binding for Minitec during this period. For this reason and because Minitec has tight schedules (due to the fact that it is a sole proprietorship) I take a validity period of only two weeks. In practice, the expiry of this period will hardly ever lead to a prize raise. However, it can affect the delivery time of the model.

Can the model be delivered?

Normally Minitec delivers from its workshop in Wassenaar, which means that you have to pick up the model yourself. However, if you want the model to be delivered, you can best indicate this, when you ask for a quotation. Minitec will then include the costs for this in the offer. Depending on the size and the weight of the model, Minitec will find the most efficient solution for this delivery. If you mention at a later stage of the project, that you want your model to be delivered, than you will receive an additional quotation.

Does Minitec build models for customers outside the South of Holland region or even for foreign companies or private individuals?

Yes, because it is usually not necessary, to come by at my workshop. The information that Minitec needs to make a model, can be emailed. While working on your model we can keep you informed by emailing you photos of the different stages of the production process.

Does Minitec make 3D prints based on 3D drawings?

No, Minitec is a traditional model building company, that makes models with 2D drawings. However 3D drawings are useful for Minitec to get a quick insight in your project.

May I visit your workshop during the production to view the progress of my model?

You can always make an appointment to view your scale model during the production process. Realize, however, that during the first period lots of computer work must be done to prepare the computer-controlled routing of various parts of the model. This means that during the first period there will not be much to see yet.

What consequences do interim changes of  the design have?

That depends on whether the part, that must be changed, has already been (partly) made. Changes may lead to additional costs. It can also have consequences for the appearance of the model. For example it is most likely that there will be seams. Furthermore, the delivery time may become longer due to changes. However, for small changes, usually no extra costs will be charged as a gesture of goodwill.

How long does it take to make a scale model?

That depends on the project, that has to be made. Some simple models can be made in two days, while complicated projects will take a few weeks or even months. If you want to have the model delivered within a certain time frame, always mention this, when you request for a quotation. If at that moment it appears that your project does not fit in the planning, to prevent problems this will be indicated immediately.

Can a scale model be made with manual drawings, if I do not have digital information?

Manually drawn drawings can be converted into digital drawings, which can then be used to make the model. If drawings are missing, the model probably can still be made, based on photos and measurements, however this must be assessed on the spot and will entail extra costs.

Why do I have to make a down payment for the model?

A scale model is a tailor-made product and in such case a down payment is usual, because these kind of products can not be sold to another customer. The down payment is a guarantee that you will also pay the remaining amount and will not abandon the assignment halfway through the production process. Furthermore, material to build your model, must be purchased at the beginning of the project and the deposit will be used for this. The down payment amount may legally be up to 50% of the total amount. Minitec asks for only 30%. You will receive an invoice and the work on your model will not start, before it has been paid.

Can I have a model made by Minitec if the design has not been finished yet?

Yes, not only can I make scale models, based on sketches, but because I am an architect (see About me) I can also assist you during the developing stage of a project.

What is the payment term?

The payment term of the invoices of Minitec is 14 days after the invoice date and this term is already stated in the invoice. Companies, to which Minitec delivers a model, usually receive the invoice within two weeks after the delivery of the model. Private and foreign customers must pay the remaining amount at or before delivery. Of course they may visit the workshop to see the model first. If they do not have the opportunity to come by, Minitec will send clear photos of the model by email.

 Can I also order related products such as an acrylic cover or flightcase at Minitec?

Although Minitec doesn’t make them itself, it is possible to let Minitec order these products for you. You will only pay the costs of our external supplier ahead, including any transport costs. I will make sure that you can collect the product together with the model at my studio. I do not charge for this service. You must state it at least three weeks before delivery, otherwise you run the risk that it will not be ready in time. To support the acrylic cover, the scale model will get an edge. The interior of a flight case is made of firm foam and that is sometimes done by Minitec itself, for example when a model consists of several parts or has no acrylic cover. Minitec will charge costs for making these interiors, but this will be indicated in advance.

Does Minitec also make pedestals or bases for scale models?

No, but the scale models are provided with a neatly finished edge, which can get a rim to support an acrylic cover, if you ask fort this. Frames, pedestals or tables in which the scale model is sunk, are made by other companies, such as furniture makers or companies, that sell and process plastic or metal. This depends on your personal style and on the interior, where the model will be placed. You can have your own design made, but there are also standard products for sale. I can advise you on this. If the model needs an addition for the product of your choice, for example to attach the pedestal to the scale model, Minitec will take care of it. Furthermore, Minitec will of course provide the company, which makes a pedestal, table or chassis for you, with the necessary information about the model.

Does your company discreetly deal with my information?

You can be sure that no information about your project will be provided to third parties, without your explicit permission. Photographs of the model of your project, however, can be used for promotional purposes, unless you explicitly indicate in advance, that you do not want this. Moreover, no privacy-sensitive information is mentioned, such as the price of the model, private addresses or names of contact persons. Minitec will not show any pictures of interiors of private homes.

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